Funniest Yearbook Quotes of All Time

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Funniest Yearbook Quotes of All Time
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0:00 12:40 Jim Yosef – Imagine [NCS Release]
[Jim Yosef]

3:02 Raven & Kreyn – So Happy [NCS]
[Raven & Kreyn]

5:42 : JOA & Mabeha – Skyward
Music provided by Free Songs To Use

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9:16 Elektronomia – Disco Boy
▷ Elektronomia

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  1. Ella Kolpakov says

    Who else got excited when the old cole and sav intro song played😂

  2. Narine Aslanyan says


  3. Dary Rainbow says

    My quote would be: thank you for writing my name right.

  4. Aliya Iqbal says

    “_why fall in love when you can fall asleep_”

  5. reeseplays games says

    yooooo 17:36 the names

  6. Shhadow _Royale says

    Sub to pewdiepie is my quote

  7. A- -L says

    "What if one day you woke up and you were a chicken nugget."
    I don't care, I AM STEALING THIS QUOTE!!!

  8. b obrien says

    Who's tho ho?

    I'm tho ho

  9. HannahtheHufflepuff 1 says

    I like the one that says “No Voldemort is not in my head wrap”. 😂

  10. x_sophiex pj_x says

    oh yeah yeah

  11. Bismah Suhail says

    5:34 😂

  12. Bismah Suhail says

    Most of them are indians

  13. TimW42 says

    10:35 I died XD

  14. TimW42 says

    I"m that Nigerian Prince that keeps Emailing you

  15. Lilee Fraser says

    this was noy even close to funny

    it was terrible <3

  16. Spyglazarme says

    11:11 not actually 100

  17. Kaitlin Schindler says

    it was like riding a bike,
    i don't know how to ride a bike…

  18. Deb Cejas says

    Imma help y’all….in 13:48 it is FuCk BiTcHes GeT mONeY

  19. Carson Wendt says

    One: I was planned.
    The other: I was not.
    Me: Ouch… That's rough lol.

  20. GachaGalazy says

    9:50 -sir Francis bacon

    Did you spot it

  21. Dragon N.P. says

    1:09 are you sure about that

  22. abu hanifah says

    roses are red violets are blue i am gay because of you

  23. Toast says

    11:10 Actually Thats 75 Character Text Not 100

  24. Bloody Rose says


    Only real cole and sav fans know what I mean lol

  25. Jake Hayes says

    there was one in my yearbook….. 2 brothers, fistbumping (one with left, one with right) and (first brother) it says, "Shake…." (see brother's picture, rest of quote). on his twin's picture it says, "….and Bake". Ricky Bobby, Talladagea Nights

  26. redX_roblox says

    Lol mine was (I ate a banana and it was delicious)

  27. Mahira Pramono says

    11:26 wow a cereal ad!

  28. Gandalf the Wanderer says

    15:08 … Oh no she didn't….

  29. ImpoliteFlash YT says

    This will be my senior quote,

    “I’m just here because my parents made me come”😂 like this comment if you like it.

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