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In this challenge, 4 photographers shoot the same model! Each person picks their own location, outfit and photographs the same model to showcase how different each of their styles are.


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  1. Jessica Kobeissi says

    Let me know what photo was your fave, and who you would like to see on the next episode!
    Leave all your thoughts and comments below 🙂

    Also, be sure to check out the video we did with Flannery and Cruz on their channel!

  2. salome gogoladze says

    My favorite is that skinny guy with glasses

  3. salome gogoladze says

    Second is insane , the best ..

  4. tamarin says

    Model is very pretty.

  5. Alex Betts says

    Model was so easy to work with!

  6. Rose Mwansa says

    Every time the timer went down I got chills because that’s literally the sound of my alarm

  7. Eoj says

    Is it just me or Jessica's photos got Phil-ly feels in this ep?

  8. Christopher De La Mora says

    Hey! We need more of these vids

  9. 5l0ul0u95 says

    Jon and Brandon didn’t disappoint in any of these! Wow!

  10. Ben Godwin says

    The compositions of the photos are very weak on a fundamental level. Looks like most of the photos are shot around F1.4-2.0 with the subject somewhere in the center of the frame. The most technique I saw was some possible rule of thirds. They each have a generic formula for capturing similar outcomes. But this is was people love on Instagram, so they are killing it when it comes to trending styles.

  11. M Eggink says

    Is anyone else noticing Jons editing? He blurs/smooths the skin and other surfaces and it looks really fake. I dont know, its not my style. I prefer to see all the structures of the surfaces on the photo. Though I quit liked some of his compositions etc.

  12. PeterGrey Chiluli says

    Love this episode!!!!! 100% Sweet creamy butter!
    Love Daniels image on 11:10

  13. Shun Williams says


  14. Zik Audeles says

    Brandon and zach clearly won , the model is so beautiful 🙂

  15. Isabelle Wollandt says

    whats up with Jon who always blurs his pictures??? Maybe its just about style preference but I personally think that he was over editing his pictures..

  16. DuhAverageJoe says

    I LOVE Brandon’s editing style!

  17. Abi W says

    I love Jon's voice 😍😍

  18. WightChocolate says

    Super Dope. I have to try this.

  19. Ad-LibbyTV says

    You were all terrific! However, the photo images that impressed me the most all four times…was Brandon's. I'm somewhat disappointed that they were taken with a Nokia…since I'm a loyal Canon user (I chuckle when I say that so don't go chewin' me out for that), That being said, Jon came in second. This is just an observation for THIS shoot. I've researched everyone's work and you are each very talented. I will post for Sydney on her page. Thanks, pros!

  20. SibuJafta says

    The model is beautiful.

  21. Gabryel Lake says

    These videos are usually my favourite! But the condescending and facial expressions towards one photographer in particular was a little cringy. 🙁

  22. Carolaine p says

    Beautiful ⚡🌹

  23. Melodyen Modyen says

    By the way the model is so pretty and gorgeous i love her

  24. Melodyen Modyen says

    Plsssss use an external mic. Your sounds and voices sounds horrible, horrible, horrible. Hard to understand.

  25. Snedle Røyskatt says

    that chick is really annoying

  26. Maricela Garcia says

    Have you ever worked with babies in a photoshoot?…they're cute models plus a challenge

  27. Chelsea Tan says

    No contest. Brandon’s the best!

  28. HumbleDaisies says

    I would love to join you on a photoshoot challenge! Insta: @willowthephotographer if you're ever in Canada!

  29. Yasmin Hilgert says

    Oh ma gosh

  30. BladeNic says

    19:06 yeet, no editing

  31. beautifulL52 says

    I have no intention of watching this woman, I literally just skipped through the whole thing and went straight to the photos. The model is so beautiful and that rose background with the gold headdress was absolutely flawless!!!! <3 <3 <3

  32. Torreyyyy says

    LOL no one said anything about Jon not using the rose bush (??) location, he was shooting on the concrete. I don’t personally think it’s a big deal, but anyway I loved this experiment. Beautiful shots.

  33. khac3eful says

    these are my personal favorite
    1st photo – brandon @6:30
    2nd photo- brandon @11:10
    3rd photo- zach @15:11
    4th photo- brandon @19:08
    4th photo runner up-zach @19:01

  34. Jasmin Hanako says

    She (model) is Afrodite aa

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