12 Photography Hacks EVERYONE Must Know!

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DIY Photo Life Hacks you’ve NEVER seen before! Best camera props for Instagram rainbow photos!
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9 Instagram Photo Hacks:

Minimalism Hacks + Things You Don’t Need:

How to Take Better Food Photography:

What’s on my iPhone 6s + How I Edit Photos:

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Best Photo Props:

Instagram Rainbow Sun Catcher:

Selfie Ring Light:

Moment Wide Lens:

String Lights:
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My Camera Gear:


BODY // Canon 5D Mark IV:

LENS // Canon EF 24-70mm Lens:

MEMORY CARD // SanDisk 32GB Memory Card:


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  1. juliasview says

    talking about photography and running around with her iPhone – wlcome to 2018… so sad.

  2. Maira Ochoa says

    New to your channel! Love, so cute!!!

  3. Tonya’s Videos says

    Cool hacks!!

  4. Lizbeth G L says

    How you do the x thing

  5. Sparkle Fluffs says

    Oooh💞 ur sooo pretty🌌

  6. masaleem saleem says

    Which app do you have for these superb pics?

  7. Queen Issa says

    she just called holo iridescent….

  8. ali ghanadian says

    how did you manage to put your voice on left earbud?
    that was the worst thing I've ever seen

  9. Patrysia says

    My insta Pati.witam

  10. Lin cyy says

    Can I use phone camera to take the photo like you?

  11. rajesh patil says

    Admire u so much
    Plz tell me your instagram id name
    Want to follow u

  12. rajesh patil says

    U r just awesome

  13. rajesh patil says

    #FAshionabally u r amazing

  14. Jordan Gerardy says

    What is with the bad audio?

  15. Timothy Poole says

    No detail

  16. Poetry my life says

    hi your videos are awesome will u tell in which city do u live in

  17. malteTs _ says

    Wanderlust is german! Whooooo! 😂😂😂

  18. Vinita Kandalkar says


  19. SM -007 says

    What rabish 🤢🤢🤢🤢

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  21. Pratham Goriya says

    nice! cool! awesome!

  22. s_ 2005 says

    are u the girl in troomtroom?

  23. Julienne's Life says

    when she said that she didn't bake the cookies and it's a secret then like a hundreds of thousands of people saw that she bought it

  24. H o n e y says

    This video was half ad, half shameless plug

  25. rasmus antonsson says


  26. S F says

    Great editing of video

  27. Hi from Hong Kong. I am pretty new here and really appreciate your videos. Keep it up!

  28. Arian Teo says

    Props really spices up photos! i introduce props such as prism or crystal balls to my composite everytime i shoot! It's really a great way to take your photographs to the next level, i got all my props from http://www.creatorgrams.com if you guys are interested!

  29. Shay Barnes says

    me too

  30. Iván Coronado says

    Amazing video, thank you so much!

  31. Jesus Vas says

    As a photographer this was very boring for me. I thought I would see something new. But hey good work with the video, you've put a lot of effort.

  32. Aldachan Brangta says


  33. Photography and Sadie says

    Thank you So Much im trying to improve my photography so i can improve my channel

  34. RIVER DALLY says

    really good video❤️❤️

  35. J. Reid says

    You are soooooo cute. The tips are great.

  36. nicole pereira says

    Im so glad i've finally found one of the most amazing and creative channels. So inspiring, i love your channel <3

  37. jdalefan says

    Dear Porg. Instagramers are some of the worst fauxtographers.

  38. Raqya Yousef says

    Amazing ideas

  39. xXxMelodySweetxXx MSP says

    Instead of using holographic paper you can use the back of a CD! 😊

  40. Amy Mombourquette says

    Someone send this to Cristine! She called holo iridescent! haha oh well

  41. Agnieszka Kruk says

    nice tips, but you actually do have a photographer and you pose only. My question is how to take those pictures of yourself and by yourself

  42. StaidArcher 2198 says

    Allright so you you um introduce your self and move content into the middle so viewers are counted sponsor before not after to tlget the point accros your exited this is why you have 800k gg

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  44. Ava Deppa Davis says

    Btw just subscribed

  45. Ava Deppa Davis says

    Great video!

  46. lee bug says

    Check this vid out! Cute.. https://youtu.be/ckJAVwBMlBA

  47. Bomb Ass Bish says

    I live in Pakistan. These things aren’t that cheap here.

  48. Alytorii says

    Where’s her voice??

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