Photoshop Tutorial : How To Create PHOTO ART | Photo Manipulation

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How to create dramatic photo art photo manipulation in photoshop CC 2017
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  1. Andhika Zanuar says

    Latest Video ►

  2. Rose Mary Garcia says

    Great job, Andhika! I LOVE YOUR VIDEO!!! But, I’d appreciate it, if you would be mentioning-with your voice, every tool you are using along with the action you are applying. Thanks, I have learned a lot ❗️😃👍…

  3. Joe LoMoglio says

    This is not a tutorial – shaking your mouse around the screen is not teaching – its just watching you as you work and it's very misleading for those looking for an actual tutorial and want to learn and be taught, you can't teach if you don't talk and explain what you are doing. There is nothing wrong with doing this type of video, its just simply not a tutorial.

  4. Love Rihan Satta Specialist says

    I love u so much ur all manipulation catagory nd to you from india

  5. Kushal Photoshop Tutorial says

    Amazing work

  6. Pawan Kumar says

    Jab bhe aap video dalte ho to image ka link de diya karo

  7. Muhammad Sudarsono says

    Keren bangeeeeeet…..
    Bang hasil foto editan spt itu bisa ndak dijual shuterstok atau creative market.

  8. Deni Setiawan says

    Cari background" kaya gitu dimana ? Atau keywordnya apa?

  9. Swap_Nil Jogdand says

    Osm sir 👌👌

  10. Taufiq ilmuGrafika says

    bagus banget.. kalau bisa upload versi HD juga kak

  11. wilma Bouma says

    Beautiful music. Love Christmas.

  12. wong wedi says

    Keren bang… mampir jg ya

  13. John CANI says

    such a dreamy final image, the music also factors in on the final product. very nice, ….dreamy!

  14. X-EMPIRE says

    really amazing ………….

  15. we are one says

    Realy i interested go ahead bro keep posting

  16. Asim Siddiqui says

    where is images

  17. wa, 6283875173274 fur says

    Kalo diaplikasi Android photoshop touch, tarik layer foto ya kedocumet baru gimana, caranya

  18. Naimul Hasan says

    you are great!!!

  19. Dji SPARK says

    Done subcribe… I like your video

  20. FreeMindTech says

    please your face using video

  21. Dinda X says

    where is the reflection part?

  22. Falina Art says

    mokash banyak sob… sukses selalu..

  23. Marco Sobral says

    Linda imagem, mas nunca será uma fotografia.

  24. Arun R.K.O says

    Somebody plsssssss give me this guy's phn number

  25. Photoshop Stars says

    It's beautiful

  26. dammike jayaweera says

    Its amazing stuff…….Can we have the images?

  27. Gen Halilintar F says

    Owh..the lyric is my favorite song

  28. Borris Dimaala says

    hi. I admire your works. super amazing!!! how is that the final photo is sharper and somehow smoother? compared to end of the edit tutorial?

  29. ToFayal Ahmed says

    bro what photoshop version do you use ans please.

  30. Ismail Sheikh says

    so beautiful

  31. Thank you…it's amazing

  32. Paris T.P says

    you are fucking genius

  33. Binura watagodakumbura says

    one shot

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