How to take pictures that sell – Fine Art Photography

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How to take pictures that sell – Fine Art Photography. In this video, I show you how to take and process images to SELL

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Last week I visited Cleveleys Beach to take a few Landscape pictures with the intention of adding them to my website and sell them. Cleveleys is part of the Fylde Coast, North West UK coastline 10-minutes away from Blackpool.

I wanted to include Mary’s Shell in the image. Mary’s Shell is a public art piece.

The sea level was favourable as the tide was fully in which is exactly what I wanted. A full tide renders the lower part of the shell in the sea, just perfect. The weather wasn’t particularly brilliant but as long as there are the clouds in the sky there is always a picture to be had!

I have also included my post-processing workflow to the video too. This way you can see how I create pictures that sell from start to finish.

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Presented By: Gary Gough

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  1. Mario Manthey says

    Like the result very much. Good Job

  2. Sue Leonard Photography says

    Thoroughly enjoyed the video. I also like your definition of art. I’ve just read your blurb – I thought it was the Fylde coast and I was right. I lived in Blackpool for 30yrs, left in 2013, so they must have located Mary’s Shell after I left or thereabouts. Great piece of sculpture and great image created of it.

  3. Fresnel says

    What stop nd was he using?

  4. David Ross says

    Just found your site!! I shall be back. Loved watching you work and the picture is first class. In colour it's a picture,in black & white it's art!

  5. masterxyr says

    a bit of a new comer here, but is it pronounced /go/ or /gof/ or /…/? 😀
    cheers, enjoying the content, the art and insight.

  6. Samuel Sawian says

    “Tickle the sliders”

  7. Selah Bey says

    I’ve always categorized Fine Art Photography as a series of work created by an artist (to be sold/exhibited) from a personal POV. Versus commercial — where the client (with their own vision in mind) commissions a photographer to create the work.

    I suppose you’re correct though, that there isn’t any definitive description. Great video btw, thanks for sharing.

  8. Robert Thompson says

    You make PS look so easy….Nice art!

  9. Patrick J. Boening says

    Chromatic aberration is a failure of a lens to focus all colors to the same point. It is caused by dispersion: the refractive index of the lens elements varies with the wavelength of light. The refractive index of most transparent materials decreases with increasing wavelength.

  10. Bob Pullein says

    I'd just like to say thanks …. that was a superb video and tutorial, really well done.

  11. Liverpix says

    I think much of it is just pretentious bullsh@t.

  12. Miley onDisney says

    From "Because 'International Organization for Standardization' would have different acronyms in different languages (IOS in English, OIN in French for Organisation Internationale de Normalisation), our founders decided to give it the short form ISO. ISO is derived from the Greek isos, meaning equal. Whatever the country, whatever the language, we are always ISO."
    It's a word 'iso', not an acronym 'I-S-O'. Think isometric, isochronal or isosceles.

  13. Derek Gillan says

    Do you clean your own sensor?

  14. Milan #31 says

    Please name of the song from 0:24 to 03:06 :O

  15. samantha gregorikosis says

    Splendid education tutorial. Thank you VERY much. I have subscribed. You are wonderful.

  16. Riccardo Riccio says

    amazing video. thank you for sharing

  17. Aelle Chng says

    Thank you Gary. that was brilliant

  18. Mike Noone says

    Great video, with lots of useful info. One thing tho, the sound levels make it a bit of a distraction. I mean on the beach the sound is nice, but then in office its toned down to maybe half. Have to adjust speaker volume.

  19. Christos Phillippou says

    One of the most useful uploads on YT Gary thanks for sharing. I totally agree with you 100% on your interpretation on fine Art photography and your perception on what art is for that matter. Loved your image too, looks amazing. I would perhaps dedicate a lesser part of the image to the sky since the image is more about the structure and less about the sky but I totally get your perception and quite like it your way too. Needless to say I liked and subbed and also turned the bell notification icon to buzz.
    Great stuff man thanks again and God bless.

  20. quesi quesiquesi says

    in my opinion its too much boring emptiness in this pic. subject not close enough. think it would look better in portrait mode.

  21. Vincent Provenzano says

    Very nicely done. Plain and simple. Especially love the fact that you emphasize not to over processing. How true. Art is in the eye of the beholder and categories are just boxes we like to place things and people in for a myriad of reasons none of which I particularly subscribe to. Perhaps it provides some sense of order. You articulated your position well and presented a very simple and thoughtful work process. Thank you for sharing. 👌👌👌 I look forward to viewing future posts.

  22. lcador9 says

    "As for don't over-process your work," would you have said that to Dali or Picasso if they had been given a camera? I know that is being a bit abstract but I hope you get the picture.

  23. lcador9 says

    "Fine art refers to a skill used to express the artist's creativity, or to engage the audience's aesthetic sensibilities, or to draw the audience towards consideration of more refined or finer work of art." One must note that very little "fine art" is indeed "fine." Those that use the camera as the medium for the expression of their artistic creativity, who produce outcomes well beyond the mere recording of objective reality and in a manner attractive to those sensitive to aesthetic expression, may be considered fine artists.

  24. Derek Cooper says

    Take a photograph of a nude in a forest and you have a glamour photograph, take the same picture but put a cardboard box on the models head and you have a fine art photograph.

  25. PG Tips says

    Yes, you demonstrated a brand of fine art photography imo. But, art is only subjective to a point imho. If a 2 year old and a pro artist both draw a face to the best of their ability would you be able to guess which drawing belongs to who? So art imo can often be objective and sometimes people jump on the subjective bandwagon because they are falling short in their personal artistic development. If art was always subjective then where is the skill? Just get a camera, stick it on auto and click the shutter randomly, every photo will be subjective art? Nonsense. Fine art photography is an equally objective skill, it must be otherwise there would be no pro's in the field of fine art. Fine art photography is when the inner artist takes over the technical aspects and produces something surpassing the general photo. This is my opinion anyway.

  26. Gary Quintrell says

    Very informative

  27. Luis Abraham Vaca Ramirez says

    Love the music, makes me feel your voice more deep. Great video.

  28. Leon Wall says

    love cleveleys, did you find the ugly head sculpture at the end of the wave breaks?

  29. Ademola Alashe says

    Thank you!

  30. Loopsrainforest says

    I just came to the realization after a few years that I only watch landscape vlogs from people with English or Australian accents.

  31. GaryR55 says

    Two things: (1) art isn't about selling anything, it's about making art and (2) photographers don't "take" pictures, they make them; they create pictures. Look up the definition of the word "take." It won't say anything about making or creating anything. To take is to acquire, seize, steal, appropriate, etc. Art isn't taken (unless you're an art thief), it's created.

  32. Guilherme Mauricio says

    "Don't overprocess your work".
    Try explaining that to Photo Serge!

  33. hiltonmd3 says

    Gary, I concur with your definition and others that have commented provide some good nuances to the definition of Fine Art. Thanks for sharing your creativity and insight from the camera through post-processing. I appreciate it.

  34. NoizyCloset says

    This is a subject most are not clear on explaining & I'm happy to see you cover it.
    Nice editing work. I prefer your image in color.

  35. Peter Hoffmann says

    Ich denke, das hängt auch von der Branche ab, in der man tätig ist bzw an wen man verkauft : manche vermarkten Fotos als Kunstdrucke, andere Fotografen sind reine Reporter.

  36. Michael Griggs says

    Slow shutter speed and photo shop?

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