1. Suzanne Young says

    really nice tutorial. I would have appreciated seeing the camera setting on the stills that your displayed. Thanks!

  2. Ajay Akarapu says

    Can you describe the lens which you used in this video …Plz

  3. ItsMrsMcCoy says

    Love this!! Would love to see poses for girls Senior photos! Do you recommend any cap & gown photos for girls.

  4. Eagle Aerial Solutions, LLC says

    When you take all the photos of the client, do you edit all of the photos or just the ones that they want to purchase?

  5. Tell the Story Photography says

    I HATE random parked cars in pictures!!!

  6. Yuri Ramirez says

    I have my first senior shoot coming up and this video took my jitters away. Awesome, easy, how to vid. Thanks!

  7. Steph H. says

    Thank you! It can be awkward taking photos of someone you don't know well or at all. It helps to have confidence in yourself and what you are doing. I find confidence when I practice and prepare. This video is great to watch for preparing

  8. marcjtdc says

    dick. I hope you moved those garbage cans back.

  9. Brain Stretch says

    Hi, Quick Question!
    How do you know whats the scale of the monitor.
    I use adobe premiere pro but i just don't know how to get rid of the border black lines either on top or sides, i try to scale it but it never fits the screen perfectly, either its too zoomed in or zoomed out. Would appreciate your help <3

  10. Peter Malone says

    Very helpful and inspiring

  11. Dodo thestylist says

    What were the settings on the camera ?? Thank you !

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