Andy Mineo – Family Photo (EP Visual)

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Directed and Edited by Antonio Santos.
Produced and Shot by Kristopher Rey-Talley
Production Design by Evan Schafer
Color by Mike Howell
Production Company: MNML Productions

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  1. William Santos says

    Whoever dont like this dont kno music this is so badass

  2. Pg AzTecz says

    Andy don’t write raps anymore. He writes books. Stories. Ones that a genre couldn’t tell.

  3. Thabo Dennis says

    The people who busy saying he cussed, cant even write 2 bars to save themselves… learn to appreciate…

  4. Jami TV says

    I have a good relationship with my dad and now I dont even know anymore 😂

  5. Simone Hightower says

    Lyrics are so real and relatable 🤦🏽‍♀️‼️

  6. Zach Brewer says

    This song fits me so well my dad has left me hanging all these years too

  7. Rebecca Pratt says

    I’m very disappointed.

  8. Knee-Grow says

    Who else thinks Andy mineo HAS TO make a collab with NF to create a deep song like this

  9. TheRoyalCat says

    This isn't the full song. Come on youtube. Find it here

  10. MC.BLACK says

    my dad is still with me and this still hits me every time

  11. Bobey Smith says

    I listen to the song so many times I mastered the lyrics

  12. Sarah Duke says

    Thank you for this song. Neither of my parents came to my wedding. And your song nails my almost exact emotions. God bless,

  13. Dayna Gonzalez says

    This is deep,damm

  14. andrearonaldo11 says

    What’s up with these Christian artists cursing? I don’t care if it’s the f word or the d word cursing is cursing and not Christ like. Period. I understand he’s expressing hurt and pain and that’s perfectly fine, I don’t see why cursing needs to be in it, especially as a Christian. I still admire Andy immensely and what he’s doing though! Prayers.

  15. Ellie Rosenberg says

    I cry every time I listen to this. It's like someone is singing my thoughts.

  16. iJoshuaVentura says

    DAMN. This is a deep song, and if you are offended well, damn. You know what, if you are offended then you shouldn’t be listening to Reach Records because damn they are outspoken.

    One word that is not close to other horrendous words does not define you. Do what you got to do, but damn get over it.

    You have to be a extremist Christian to go into full detail for a word that has no meaning besides the meaning that you give it.

    When I saw Andy performed this on BLTN tour, he emphasized the word many times to get the point across. It’s just a word, he wasn’t “cussing”. Far from it, so just relax, damn.

  17. לק אקסנריטר says

    Can you imagine being Andy's father and seeing this video?

  18. Joshua Asidere says

    Bruh… really felt the song…

  19. Kareen Vargas says

    this is so sad. but i so applaud the raw honesty. makes me think of my own dad

  20. Scar 7138 says


  21. Felicity Dargis says

    It's so sad…

  22. Laura Niedzwiecki says

    Andy thx man you help us all

  23. Muhluri Sithole says

    Props to Andy Mineo this is amaizing

  24. MEX KID says

    Nice song love it

  25. Ethan Daulton says

    This always brings me to tears…. I'm in the same situation. Wishing just once he would pull it together. But it never happens… Keep speaking truth Andy. You're helping people get through tough times.

  26. brandon shaw says


  27. Sarah Millers says

    I was listening to this song and realised it was your anniversary
    Happy Anniversary 😀😀

  28. Sandra Hampton says

    Real deep…Don't take it personally…Don't hurt yourself because someone else issues….Sometimes it has nothingr to do with us, it's their guilt, sin, childhood hurts, demons they're fighting themselves, instead of giving their issues to Jesus….At the end of your wedding, he at least he texted you and that was LOVE and a prayer answered…keep praying for your father, God is working on him Andy Mineo

  29. Shawn Roberts says

    Hit me hard 😢

  30. CH Outdoors says

    The Bible says let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh lord, so why you started cussing in your songs bro?

  31. Nélio Cumbane says

    Family Photo 📸

  32. Leticia Fausto says

    oof many soooooo sad

  33. Zuri Scott says

    1:46 watch your pody mouth lol

  34. Chris Hartzell says

    Low key fight tears back Every time I hear that raw emotion in your stories this not rap this is art

  35. Sifa Gabriella says

    While everyone’s worried about the curse word I’m hung up on the “smashing” comment. Sex is a natural thing, but that word in particular is derogatory towards women ): Anywho, powerful song!

  36. Matt Smith says

    This song is incredible. Same deal with Andy. Incredible.

  37. Hernes Abante says

    yo andy i feel for u man… i dont have the best relationship with my fam… i just hope things get better man. u got a great platform and a lot of people respect u and what u do.. all i realize tho is that the most succesful artists in life always had a rough start and it became their motivation and fuel for greatness. Much love from the Philippines

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