A Gimbal for Your Gimbal: DigitalFoto DH04 Dual Spring Handle

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Gimbal shots are super popular and can add a lot to your film or video project when the motivation for camera movement is right. But one issue I’ve run into time and again is that I can still see the bouncing as the camera operator takes steps. The DigitalFoto DH04 Dual Spring Handle can help solve that problem

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Links to gear some of my favorite gear:

DigitalFoto DH04 Dual Spring Handle for single handle gimbals




Zhiyun Crane 2 three axis motorized gimbal – My current favorite gimbal for small cameras




Panasonic GH5s Camera – my favorite small camera for video




Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 OIS Lens – this is the the lens I use more than any other on the GH5s




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  1. Curtis Judd says

    Let me be 100% clear: Peter McKinnon is a top notch entertainer/educator. My comments regarding his gimbal footage is not meant to criticize, just to point out that many situations call for real-time playback rather than undercranked, slo-mo footage.

  2. Samuel Tan says

    I would like to add my knowledge here. Each spring-based handle paired with a given camera has a specific resonant frequency for vertical oscillation. Find the resonant frequency by shaking the fully loaded setup up and down from very fast to very slow till it starts bouncing uncontrollably. Once you have found the resonant frequency, mentally count the oscillation and remember not to take footsteps at this frequency. Eg if the resonant frequency is 1 Hz (bounces once every second). When you walk, each footstep must occur more quickly, i.e. take one step every 0.5 sec or less (i.e. shuffling feet quickly, heel to toes). You will take smaller steps if the camera is to move at a slower speed, and larger steps for faster motion. Doing this will avoid making the camera bouncing up and down. In fact, the frequent the steps you take, the better the dual spring handle works, because you are effectively moving further away from the resonant frequency. The key point is to find the resonant frequency and avoid it. Then final objective of using the damped oscillation of the spring handle is to damp out large amplitude vertical motions until they drop to within the range of motion of the image stabilisation (IS) function of the camera. So turning on image stabilisation is necessary to kill vertical oscillations, but it may come at a cost of causing jerky panning motion in some types of IS systems.

  3. Tyler Johnson says

    Just use warp stabilizer or davinci resolve image stabilization. You don’t need dual handles IMO

  4. TartanZone Media says

    Thanks for the review, very useful, especially the summary upfront.

  5. Sam Bollong says

    Great review Curtis! They should change the nuts to thumb screws to make it quicker to loosen the gimbal holder like here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4_R07x6xDA&t=22s

  6. Dylan White says

    Looks great. Will this work for the Ronin S?

  7. Bitanphoto says

    As I noted in the comments to your Moza Air 2 balancing guide (VERY helpful!), I just bought the Air 2. You noted that it's a bit heavy for single-handed operation, and I suspect that my failure to work out my arms other than shooting sports with a Nikon D3S and 70-200 lens will show once I start using this gimbal. So apart from the additional 30% effective stabilization, would a product like this (or Scotty's) be a good idea simply as a better means to hold the rig for a longer time?

    And speaking of Scotty, I'm looking forward to a review of his product and will hold off purchasing the DH04 until then.

  8. Kotodama Midnight says

    just bought 3 items, this, and the deity mics, at your video recommendations! thanks so much for being a great source of gear info!

  9. Pan James says

    The video is good! This product looks good! I like!

  10. Katsumoto94 says

    This background color is realy nice to look at. Much better than the previous white or blue ones.

  11. Ken Ruan says

    At this rate I will put this gimbal on my steadicam, which I will mount to a jib which I will mount to a Scorpio crane.

  12. bonzology says

    These people unapologetically STOLE “Scotty builds stuff” design, he made another version that absolutely crushes this (which is Scotty’s design no changes)

  13. Mary Wen says

    Awesome, straight-to-the-point review as always. Thanks Curtis!

  14. justlooking813 says

    What was your mic/recorder combo for your narrative?

  15. PTY Foto says

    Great video!!! just ordered mine and will arrive to my country next thursday!!! Will use it with my smooth4 so I guess will need to change the springs for the thiner ones. Can't wait to take my videos to the next level!! Better thing about it is that is future proof for me, once I buy a crane2 or ronin s will work with my DH04 ☺️

  16. Written Mirror says

    Decent price might get one after my Ronin S is replaced. I had to get the faulty one…

  17. Matthew Robinson says

    When mounting a mic on the handles do you notice much handling noise?

  18. Kelna91 says

    Hi Curtis, this is not totally related but I don't know where to ask. I just bought a GH5S and I love it but I only have a 14-140mm kit lens so now I have to buy new lenses and I would like to ask your opinion in the matter. Should I buy Panasonic lenses or a speedbooster like the Viltrox EF-M2 and Canon lenses?

  19. Photographic elements says

    So it’s like the Nebula 4200, w 5-axis stabilization.
    Can you walk sideways or backwards with this stabilizer attachment, or run? That’s when the steps are really noticeable. Also, were you walking normally or using the “panther walk?” (bent knees, butt out, heel-toe, low vertical movement walking; you look like a dork, but the footage looks great).

  20. Dan O'Moore says

    is there a gimbal for an overhead mike boom? I ask because I have a bad back & need a different option to holding the boom overhead as per 'normal' use. I know of: using a stand. This is not the resolve I seek. I want an option that lets me keep my arms lowered but holds the boom up as 'normal'.

  21. MrDeeb says

    GH5s looking beautiful

  22. Rivius says

    Not bad. The price is more than fine… for plastic, I guess. Nice review.

  23. mayumi otsuka says

    Grate product! I'd like to buy one.

  24. Dave Patterson says

    Do you find this product reduces arm fatigue as you operate with both arms?

  25. Shtrih55 says

    Hey Chris,

    Would love to see some tests with vertical lines in the frame and maybe normal focal length. It's very hard to spot the difference on those shots.


  26. michael b says

    Have not used this other device a friend of mine bought recently from a guy in Australia I think https://scottymakesstuff.com/collections/stabilizers/products/pro-2-crane-2-version-4th-axis-stabilizer But it seems to be made of "engineering plastics" as he calls it just like the one you are reviewing. It uses this dampening gel and has alot of tweakable knobs It looks pretty impressive BUT basically 2.5 times the price of this one you are reviewing. Do the springs squeak ?
    I didn't even want to see what shipping cost would be to North America. Maybe you can convince them to let you try it out??

  27. Stéphane S. says

    impressive! reminds me some Interstellar's shots

  28. Colin Conn says

    Didn't look both ways before crossing the street, disliked.

  29. Pro Shooters says

    Sounds like it might not fit the Ronin-S?

  30. Dave Jones says

    What a good lav mic for the zoom h6 please.

  31. Ivan Kwok says

    99USD Spring dual handle shall solve 3 problem:
    1.Up &down shakness release 2.Release one handle tired 3.Offer place for mounting monitor/LED/Microphone and only cost 99.95USD which can even beat dual handle without Spring
    I think above 3 problem solution gadgate worth 99USD ☺

  32. Felipe Baez says

    Great video! Thanks for that!

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