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Rare and Unseen Color Photographs of America’s Hippie Communes from the 1970s:

Their hair and dress, their pioneer spirit, even their Indian teepees evoke the nation’s frontier beginnings. These young people are members of a commune, which they have created for themselves as a new and radical way of living. Scores of these communes are springing up all across the U.S. In the wilderness areas of the West, Southwest, and New England, the new settlers build their own homes–adobe huts, log cabins, geodesic domes–share their money and labor and legislate their own laws and taboos.

According to LIFE, the youthful pioneers, unlike the earlier Americans who went into the wilderness to seek their fortunes, are refugees from affluence. Though there have been previous such experiments in the U.S., the new communes represent an evolution of the philosophy and life-style of the hippie movement. Most members have fled the big cities—New York’s East Village, San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury—where they were beset by crime, police harassment, squalor, and disillusionment. They seek in the land, and in one another, meaningful work, mutual love and spiritual rebirth. Their religion is rooted in many faiths—among them Christianity, Hinduism, and Zen Buddhism. Some communes permit LSD and marijuana, but many now discourage their use or even ban them. Some take a broad view of sexual morality, but in many communes couples practice traditional American monogamy, and sexual behavior is often surprisingly pristine. Young children, however, are raised by all the adults and by the older children of the commune, which itself is often referred to as “the Family.”

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  1. Satanic B0i 666 says

    Keep making these videos, you are great!

  2. W Morris says

    And now you know how Trump rose to power! Thanks hippies

  3. Michael wood says

    …and not a fat chick in the bunch…

  4. vidright says

    Glory Days…….

  5. ryetim32 says

    Where's Manson's "Family", A lot were like them I'll bet

  6. Buff Barnaby says

    They ran out of other people's money LOL

  7. Buff Barnaby says


  8. Buff Barnaby says

    Yes !!! TITS !!!

  9. carol mcleod says

    our" good old days"

  10. Garritt DuBois says

    update on anyone from this great pictures?

  11. yohanne b.meskel says

    Finally I see a natural tit

  12. willis white says

    Jeez, you can smell the patchouli and BO through the screen.

  13. Originally a fine, respectable experiment conducted by people who meant well. Thus far, the search for a simple interactive human utopia invariably ends in failure. That is the precise reason I've adopted the life of a hermit. Attempts at complex, give-&-take interaction between humans are unsustainable in the long run. Man can trust only himself to survive, & the solitary life, independent of others, is the only potential sure path to self-fulfillment. For those of you concerned with "salvation," fuck off.

  14. ken2999 says

    born in the early 60's. wanted the hippie life when I was 16 or so. Glad I wasn't old enough to be a REAL hippie. would of been like the bums on the san fran streets today. Glad I found capitalism, and being a conservative has been the best life!!!

  15. The Voodoos says

    The way this World is going we shall all end up living like Hippies,smoking pot as the likelihood being only weeds will thrive,i kid you not.

  16. It Ain't Me 1968 says

    I wonder if these hippie communes still exist?

  17. It Ain't Me 1968 says

    It looks boring unless they have something to do like grow fruits and vegitables and do yoga.. …It seems they don't do anything but get high and have sex which is fine but I need more than that to feel a sense of purpose …

  18. tommycattap says

    … and where did they go and what are the living ones doing now? Just what was accomplished?

  19. Guillermo Endara says


  20. Dennis Kelley says

    anyone know the tune playing in the background?

  21. Mate Lozancic says

    We"re all here because of screenshot 2:16

  22. Jay says

    Everyone was so thin.

  23. Michael Bailey says


  24. Laura Ployt says

    Que habra pasado con los hijos de los hipies que fueron criados en libertad y mucho amor ademas las mujeres de esa epoca muy bonitas

  25. Scott Kelley says

    I'm glad I didn't see my picture in there!

  26. Vigilante Jake says

    Are they're hippies or nudist !

  27. kayleigh shields says


  28. Yankee Doodle says

    My sister was a hippie, they were all quite delusional. The beatniks preceded them, and in pretty much the same places. Difference was with hippies they all reinforced each other.

  29. Tom Yazel says

    and now these idiots are running the country.  holy shit.

  30. gk10002000 says

    Many hippies thought communes would be easy and fun. uh huh.  Just how hard to you think the original pioneers had to work?  You want to eat, who is going to do the hunting, gardening, crop seeding, etc?  Who is going to cook?  Who and how are you going to clean and wash?  Most things take work and organization not jus laying around.

  31. gk10002000 says

    born in 57.  a bit young for the full hippie generation but I saw a lot.  was lucky enough to have gone to the Newport Rhode Island Jazz and Folk festival in 63 and 64 as I recall.  I remember Mom chuckling and enjoying the hippies laying around.  Some good ideas were floating around back then.  Some poor implementations

  32. Noneya dambidness says

    I wanna start my very own hippie commune with the cute chick at the end.

  33. Peaceduetostrength says

    pity you cant capture the smell

  34. Lâm Đặng says

    what you want 2:16

  35. Richard Raucina says

    Retired real estate agents now

  36. Col Booth says

    Just watched that again and its like I went home for 5 mins made me cry for the freedoms lost xxx Just noticed the number( 33 ) I have been seeing these numbers today , God bless .

  37. Col Booth says

    Perfect Life ,, That was Amazing for me to watch , its like it fired a big DNA Activation in my whole body , I was born on the summer of 69 July and if I had a previous life it was back then , now I live on a narrow boat uk getting a dog soon living free , I had to say thanks for the work xxx OOh new sub too x

  38. Danny Lee says

    " peace love and happiness "

  39. Danny Lee says

    Wish I could go back to that time ! ✌

  40. endwood says

    Where did the human race fcku it up from these times?

  41. Susie Shobe says

    There will always be people with that spirit of do it on your own. Create it yourself. Don’t want to give their life over to the work a day week. Would rather do for them selve and have less than fit in another’s mold. I think it’s a way of life all over the globe. Today minimalist and those who are stepping away from the calmer, push and shove. You really think on it , you don’t have to have a lot to enjoy life and the simpler things.

  42. Mas Zuhdi says


  43. thomas bailey says

    Kids of today will never have the peace and love that we had in the 60's and 70's
    Kids today will kill you over a pair of shoes or kill you to keep from getting an ass whipping like I did going to school

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